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Core Services

Professional Development

We provide specialized training to improve a group's professional knowledge, competence, skill, functionality, and effectiveness. Our goal is to help others further their own education and provide personalized mentoring, encouraging participants to reflect on current practice in order to develop their skills continuously.


We support all professionals as they strive to reflect and develop. Our goals are to be a leader, a mentor, and a personal coach to all of our clients. We provide a support system for those who wish to achieve a specific personal or professional goal. Our coaching will unlock a person's potential to maximize their own performance.

Strategic Planning 

We assist our clients in finding a strategy, or direction, that works best for them. We help them refine their organization skills, approaches to decision making, and protocols. With effective strategic planning, clients will understand what actions are needed to make progress and propel them to continued success.

Curriculum Design & Evaluation

We establish a curriculum design to bring organization and clarity to the subject area. It assists us in articulating instructions and helping clients understand the flow of the plan. We also provide curriculum evaluations to assess effectiveness and improve overall implementation.

The Heart Work Institute™  

The Heart Work Institute is a curriculum for educators that integrates a focus on social-emotional learning in the classroom or school to better support students. This curriculum also emphasizes trauma-informed best practices. Sessions from The Heart Work Institute can be a la carte or packaged.

 The Mind Work Institute™  

The Mind Work Institute is a professional development series. This curriculum explores key pedagogical strategies and methods that focus on maximizing student achievement through effective instructional practices. Sessions from The Mind Work Institute can be a la carte or packaged.

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Virtual delivery options are available!

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